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Mountain Cabin

Chris Herman is a sportsman who thinks he can beat Kip Stone in the mountains. Kip is on a scouting mission for Epic Adventures–a new trip called Mule Packing the Rockies. The last thing Kip needs is a selfish chiseler interfering with his well-laid plans.

Well-laid, as Kip knows, is vital to high adventure.

He’s hired a pair of wranglers–a father/daughter team–to lead the endeavor come spring. Sarah Hoffman has learned from her father how to rope and ride, but when she meets Kip Stone, she discovers something worldly she’s been seeking for a long time. She’s been doing inner-work of late, changing herself (or trying), and what she’s been struggling with seems easier now that Kip has come to town.

As usual, Kip has clients in tow. As usual, his boss’s money is on the line. As usual, competing forces try to thwart his otherwise good intentions.

How severely must he stomp on Herman?
How gingerly must he boot-scoot around Sarah?
How many violent, unexpected storms must he weather before his epic plans are laid?

* * * * *

– Mountain Cabin Extras

– This book includes a link to the Mountain Cabin Extras section of BobWardBooks.com, which includes photos, videos, maps, etc.

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Sea Turtles

When he hired Fiona Hill, he thought she’d left her past in the past. Now Kip Stone is about to find out otherwise. He’s in the process of auditing Epic’s new live-aboard SCUBA vacation, Treasures of the Caribbean, and all goes well until Billy Ingram shows up.

Billy’s on the run for pulling another fast one, and although Fiona denies she’s still involved, it’s hard to believe she’s an innocent vixen. Why else would Billy have traveled so far, from the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands, expecting to steal her away?

In addition to Billy, a handful of other sleazeballs emerge. They want Fiona, too, and none of them care that they’re interrupting the peaceful enjoyment of an Epic Adventures vacation.

Now, with several clients aboard, Kip has to scramble to keep their SCUBA itinerary on-track. When that effort fails, he turns his attention to saving lives, salvaging what he can of Epic’s capital investment, and keeping his head on straight regarding the alluring and mystical Fiona.

Is she lying?
What’s the truth?
Why does everyone want her? 

* * * * *

– Sea Turtles Extras

– This book includes a link to the Sea Turtles Extras section of BobWardBooks.com, which includes photos, videos, maps, etc.

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